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Used throughout nearly every process industry, ROSS Multi-Shaft Mixers are robust and versatile. Available in a variety of configurations, as either dual shaft mixers or triple shaft mixers depending on batch characteristics, Multi-Shaft Mixers accommodate a flexible range of shear input and viscosities up to several hundred thousand centipoise.

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Twin Shaft Concrete Mixers provides great flexibility with capacities ranging from 1,0m³ to 5,0m³. UNIQUE BEARING AND SEAL DESIGN The specially designed Bearing and Twin-Shaft Mixer seal group, consists of a number of ...

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Online auctions and classified ads for Ross industrial mixers and blenders. Buy and sell, new and used Ross mixers at LabX. Find a wide variety of planetary mixers, high shear mixers, blenders and more below and then contact the seller for a price quote.

Multi-Shaft Mixer Promotes Efficient Product Turnover

Ross VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixer Promotes Efficient Product Turnover The Ross line of VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixers process medium to high-viscosity applications up to several hundred thousand centipoise including many slurries, pastes, gels and suspensions.

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Dual shaft mixers typically consist of sweep style anchor impellers and smaller homogenizing mixers that work to break agglomerations and/or create emulsions. The anchor impeller works close to the tank wall and feeds product to the homogenizing mixer location. …

ROSS: Multi-Shaft Mixer | 2019-01-03

Jan 03, 2019 · This company has unveiled improvements to the dual-post hydraulic lift and seal design of its 1,500-gal multi-shaft mixer (model PVM-1500). The new lifting design is a double-acting, fully hydraulic cylinder operating at a higher pressure, reportedly allowing for a smaller cylinder and significantly less oil for operation.

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Our Products. Reynolds designs equipment for the Adhesives, Sealants, Silicones and Caulks, Coatings and Paints, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals, Inks and Pigments, Rubber, Polymers, Resins, and Foams, and Specialty Chemicals processing industries.

Ross Double Planetary Mixer and Planetary Disperser

Ross double planetary mixers are ideal for paste and kneading applications in the chemical, cosmetic, food,battery, ink, coatings,adhesives, sealants and plastics industries PDM 10 10 Gallon working capacity model designed for ...

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Twin Shaft Mixers - Dual Shaft Mixer Latest Price ...Toshniwal Shaft Mixers: The “Fluidized Zone twin shaft mixers comprises a series of paddle affixed to two shafts positioned in a double – drum – ho New and Used Concrete

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Ross Stocks Dual Shaft Mixers. Charles Ross and Son Company today announced the in-stock availability of its Dual Shaft Change Can Mixers. The CDA Model Dual Shaft Mixers are offered from stock with an Anchor and a High Speed Disperser.

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Laboratory Mixers. For over 160 years Ross Laboratory Mixers and Blenders have been used in the process Industries to manufacture food - adhesive & sealant - green technologies - battery - ceramic & metal - chemical - coating - cosmetic & personal care products - pharmaceutical - plastics and more.

Hot Melt Mixer Dual Shaft Model 550AI

Hot Melt Mixer Dual Shaft Model 550AI. Hot melt adhesive (HMA), also known as hot glue, is a form of thermoplastic adhesive. Myers designed and manufactured a custom epoxy resin mixer to handle these hot melt epoxies for a specific customer’s needs.

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Used Ross Mixers. Ross is the leading worldwide manufacturer of specialty mixing, blending, dispersion and drying equipment. We have been in this business since 1842 and are the oldest and most reputable company in the world, with five plants operating in the United States, and four overseas.


Description » Reynolds Dual Shaft mixer is a powerful, efficient, and versatile mixer that combines a low speed helical blade agitator with a saw-tooth high speed disperser to provide optimum batch turnover in manufacturing of high viscosity products.

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We will help you find the Ross Mixers to fit your needs. (812) 303-8383 ... Used Ross Mixers Dual Shaft Ribbon Blender Equipment. ... 100-199 Quarts Planetary Mixer;

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Feb 01, 2007 · The CDA Model dual shaft mixers are offered from stock with an anchor and a high speed disperser. Each agitator is independently driven by an inverter duty, explosion proof motor to enable its us for variable speed operation. This line of economical mixers is stocked in 2, 10, 50 and 100 gallon sizes.

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Versa Mix Multi Shaft Mixer Anchor Agitator Change Can Batch Homogenizer: 8-10 WEEKS. Request Quote: NEW: VMC-40 Versa Mix Multi Shaft Mixer Anchor Agitator Change Can Batch Homogenizer: 115392: 4-5 WEEKS. Request Quote: NEW: CDA-50 Dual Shaft Mixer Anchor Agitator Batch Change Can Paint Mixer: STOCK. Request Quote: NEW: CDA-100 Dual Shaft ...


ii Packaging - Processing Bid on Equipment 1-847-683-7720 • www.bid-on-equipment.com Ross Dual Shaft Mixers The new economical alternative for superior medium to high viscosity dispersions. • The new Dual Shaft Mixer from Ross can answer your need for

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High Speed Dispersers are ideal for dispersions that are up to a maximum of approx. 50,000 centipoise. When used in conjunction with Multi-Shaft Mixers, they can be useful to several hundred thousand centipoise. Most are supplied with air/oil hydraulic lifting mechanisms to enable their use with multiple mixing vessels.

ROSS: Multi-Shaft Mixers | 2016-03-23

Mar 23, 2016 · A new multi-shaft mixer is available from this company. VersaMix multi-shaft mixers reportedly are designed for sanitary and high-purity applications. The equipment feature customizable agitators, dry-running mechanical seals, full recovery vacuum system, CIP spray nozzles, and touchscreen recipe controls.

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The economical Dual Shaft design includes a two-wing anchor agitator and a conventional high speed disperser. This combination is ideal for straight forward mixing and dispersion applications. The triple shaft design extends the operating range by adding either a high shear rotor-stator mixer or a second high speed disperser.

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Versa Mix Multi Shaft Mixer Anchor Agitator Change Can Batch Homogenizer: 8-10 WEEKS. Request Quote: NEW: VMC-40 Versa Mix Multi Shaft Mixer Anchor Agitator Change Can Batch Homogenizer: 115392: 4-5 WEEKS. Request Quote: NEW: CDA-50 Dual Shaft Mixer Anchor Agitator Batch Change Can Paint Mixer: STOCK. Request Quote: NEW: CDA-100 Dual Shaft ...

Dual Shaft Mixer

Description: food industry as well as for suspensions and emulsions in the chemical industry or for production of paints and lacquers. This vacuum kettle design is a well suited alternative to Dual Shaft Mixers and Triple Shaft Mixers. The SPP is an innovative and highly


1 – used approx. 50 gallon Jaygo Dual Shaft Mixer. Model DSVS-1015. Built 2004. Stainless steel construction. Non-jacketed stainless mix can on casters for portability. Floor mount, change can style with air/oil hydraulic lift. Mix tank measures approx. 30 in. dia. x 19 in. straight side with 13 in. cone bottom. Approx. 2 in...

Dual Shaft Model V550

Dual Shaft Model V550 Model 550 Dual Shaft Mixer – used for Medium Viscosity Applications up to 500,000 cps. Vacuum capacity and stainless steel materials are shown in this photo. The 550 Series Dual Shaft is designed to efficiently process a wide variety of ...


Dual- or Multiple-Shaft Mixers — these mixers have an array of two or more independently-driven agitators working together. Typically, one is a slow-paced agitator to continually move the bulk of the material (two-wing or three-wing anchor blades) and high-shear mixers to continually mix the batch to the desired consistency.

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Options include container holders, blending shrouds, and multi-shaft mixers. Mixer Direct can also put a very economical tank and disperser package together that allows you to buy your entire system from one place. Call our sales engineers today if you have any questions about our high shear mixers for sale (812) 202-4047.

ROSS: Dual-Shaft Mixers | 2017-11-16

Nov 16, 2017 · Dual-shaft mixers from this company are suitable for mixing 50-, 100- and 200-gal batches. The Models CDA-50 (pictured), CDA-100 and CDA-200 are equipped with two independently driven, variable-speed agitators: a high speed disperser and a two-wing anchor.

Laboratory Dual Shaft Model VL550

Laboratory Dual Shaft Model VL550. Myers manufactures a complete line of laboratory equipment from single shaft to multi-shaft units. This specialized dual shaft unit offers a one gallon capacity for smaller batches; all Myers laboratory-scale mixers are available in sizes from 1 gallon to 5+ gallons.

High Speed Dispersers

High Speed Dispersers are perfect for viscous dispersions. High Speed Dispersers are most often used for chemical, paint, ink and specialty coatings applications. When used in conjunction with Multi-Shaft Mixers, they can be used for products up to several hundred thousand centipoise.

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Laboratory mixers allow for mixing of smaller quantities of material, typically up to 100 gallons (380 liters). A lab mixer also handles solutions with viscosities up to 150,000 cps, which is dependent on the torque, horsepower, and speed of the mixer.

60 Quart Ross Planetary Mixer CDA 15 | 12166

Used 15 gallon Ross dual shaft mixer. Model CDA 15. Stainless steel construction. Anchor agitator driven by 3 hp, 230/460 volt motor. High speed disperser driven by 10 hp, 230/460 volt motor. Vacuum cover, approximately 16.75" diameter x 20" deep jacketed mixing can with " bottom outlet with ball valve. Air over oil hydraulic lift with air tank.

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NEW Multi-Shaft Mixers Made In The USA. Floor Mount or Tank Mount ... 4 Gallon Myers Dual-Shaft Mixer Model L550A-3-3 ... 25 TO 100 GALLON ROSS DOUBLE PLANETARY MIXER.

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The dual shaft disperser is a versatile and cost effective system used in high viscosity mixing situations. These dispersion mixers typically consist of a high speed disperser and a low speed anchor scraper that helps to feed the material back in to the disperser.

100 Gallon Dual Shaft Mixer

100 Gallon Dual Shaft Mixer. Charles Ross & Son Company has designed a Model CDA 100 Dual Shaft Mixer and Discharge System for use in the production of viscous non-flowing products. The Dual Shaft Mixer combines a three-wing anchor with Teflon scrapers, and a conventional disc type, high-speed disperser.

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Find here details of companies selling Twin Shaft ... a homogeneous mixer of cement concrete. ... Twin Shaft Mixers : Mixer consists of twin drums with two ... Read More; Dual Shaft Mixer - Ross Mixers. How the Dual Shaft Mixer Works. The Dual Shaft Mixer includes an Anchor agitator and a High Speed Disperser. Read More

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Ross Multi-Shaft Mixers THE WORLDWIDE STANDARD FOR DESIGN AND INNOVATION Ross is the leading manufacturer of Multi-Shaft Mixers and has been since we introduced the original Multi-Shaft Mixer over 80 years ago. Today, Ross operates five plants in the USA, along with Ross owned plants in China and India. Ross can deliver a combination of economy,

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Jan 01, 2014 · Ross Dual-Shaft Mixers deliver an ideal balance of bulk flow agitation and high speed dispersion required in the processing of viscous pastes, gels, suspensions, slurries and emulsions. These machines feature two in agitators than run at different speeds, imparting varying levels of shear and ensuring adequate turnover over a wide viscosity range.