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Edge-Sweets Company is an industrial supplier of 3 axis cnc, 3m, acoustical, all foam, antistatic, antistatic agents, back cushion, bed mattress, blocks, blowing agent.

Polyurethane Concrete Raising

HMI is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane (poly) concrete raising equipment and poly foam. Learn more about poly concrete raising: 1-800-626-2464

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Hmi New Business Opportunities Concrete Raising Companies. To start a new concrete raising business all you need is HMI training and a complete concrete raising equipment package Step 1 HMI Training Step 2 Equipment Frequently asked questions Classroom time Marketing How to Estimate How to Bid Scheduling ROI. Read More

Lifting Slabs with Polyurethane

Time to clean equipment and jobsite; Mudjacking does not require a big investment in equipment. There has been and always will be a place in the industry for mudjacking. A new game. A newer way to lift, level, and stabilize concrete slabs, that has been used for over a decade now, is replacing the mud with polyurethane foam.

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The HMI method for concrete raising utilizes the slab itself as a means of delivery, raising, void filling, and stabilizing foam. A 5/8” hole is drilled through the slab into the subgrade. A tapered delivery port is installed in the hole. The dual component equipment is secured on the port and the material is then injected under the slab.


Resource the service and lever your relationship with HMI to provide more than the equipment and polyurethane. We can help with: estimating tools, process, control systems and marketing. An old friend says it best: “Stop saying I wish I had because if you do not do something – do not expect something!”

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2020 Mudjacking Cost Calculator - Compare How Much Mudjacking vs Polyurethane

How Much Does Mudjacking Cost? The average cost of a residential mudjacking project is anywhere from 0 to 0, although it can be more or less depending on the condition of the foundation or surface. Mudjacking Pros . Less expensive - Mudjacking is significantly less expensive than polyurethane concrete raising, so it’s a good choice if you’re on a tight budget.


Bobcat Skid Load Concrete Pump For Mid-sized High Flow Skid Loaders THIS UNIT IS BEING SOLD AS IS! Bobcat of Johnstown thanks you for your interest. 5" swing valve diameter 750 max concrete psi 3200 max hydraulic pressure 40 gpm max hyd flow 15gpm min hyd flow Specific questions can be asked by contacting us through the information listed at our website.

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How Does Concrete Pump Trailer Work - World-class. Trailer concrete pumps consists of hopper, pump body, hydraulic cylinder for driving slide valve, slide valve, conveying cylinder, main hydraulic cylinder and priority valve.

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HMI is an industry-leading polyurethane foam, concrete raising truck & trailer system, and mudjacking system manufacturer. If you're a contractor, concrete raising & leveling can be an easy, profitable addon to your business. Attend our business seminar: HMI: Expand Your Business - Low Cost Business Ideas See more

HMI Announces Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Training Seminars

In February 2013 HMI will be presenting Training Seminars on lifting and leveling concrete with polyurethane and mudjacking equipment in: Las Vegas, Nevada - February 11-12, 2013

HMI: Polyurethane & Mudjacking Equipment And Training

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HMI develops and manufactures products, systems and supplies for concrete raising and leveling. We supply; training, turn key business systems, equipment and specialized polyurethanes to businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide!

Compare Mudjacking vs Polyurethane Concrete Raising

Mudjacking Pros . Less expensive - Mudjacking is significantly less expensive than polyurethane concrete raising, so it’s a good choice if you’re on a tight budget. Familiar process - A greater number of foundation repair companies are familiar with mudjacking because the process has been around so much longer. Mudjacking Cons

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Jul 10, 2015 · The equipment was more expensive, the material is more expensive and the training needed is more demanding. So why spend more money and time training? Simply put the processes advantages sell them-self to our clients. If you are concerned about the final appearance, Geo-polymer Slabjacking is superior to Mudjacking.

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Mudjacking Grout Pumps Slabjack-United Equipment Sales United Equipment Sales provides a full line of mud pumps, grout pumps, mudjacking and slabjacking equipment and many kinds of pumps for concrete leveling. More details » Get Price

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Concrete Lifting (Mudjacking) Equipment For Sale 900 ... I'm selling the equipment needed to start a Concrete Lifting business. ... give training if you needed ...

HMI: Mudjacking / Polyurethane Equipment & Material Catalog

Need new equipment or concrete raising materials? Let HMI know and we'll send you our full catalog. Have a question? Call us at 1-800-626-2464

Start a Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Business

Jul 10, 2019 · HMI is the unquestioned world leader in designing and manufacturing equipment and materials for lifting and leveling concrete. Over a decade ago HMI applied over 40 years of experience toward ...

HMI Brings Polyurethane Concrete Lifters Innovative

MANITOWOC, WI–September 11, 2012–For nearly four decades, HMI has brought innovations to the polyurethane concrete lifting and mudjacking industry.The company has now innovated on the digital front with the release of its new iPad app, which is geared toward concrete lifting and leveling service providers.

HMI Announces Las Vegas and Orlando Training Seminars

Without any obligation to purchase equipment, HMI training seminar attendees have full access to Industry experts and experience in running equipment affording them the opportunity to learn if the highly profitable concrete lifting business is an appropriate add-on service to their existing business or a new business opportunity.

HMI Announces Las Vegas and Orlando Training Seminars in

MANITOWOC, WI – September 27, 2012 – HMI will be presenting training seminars on lifting and leveling concrete with polyurethane and mud jacking equipment in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 11th and 12th, 2013 and in Orlando, Florida on February 18th and 19th, 2013.

Poly Trailer System - HMI: Polyurethane & Mudjacking

Our polyurethane concrete raising trailer system is also perfect for municipalities that do not require a full poly concrete raising truck system. Offering you everything that you need to get the job done right, from equipment to training, the HMI poly trailer system will help you level your concrete in no time.

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traditional hydraulic mudjacking material/process, this is the first HMI foam specifically for residential polyurethane concrete raising. HMI Concrete Raising Material HMI Why is HMI foam different? HMI is the ONLY company that makes polyurethane foam from recycled material. HMI manufactures an environmentally friendly dual component polyurethane

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HMI manufactures polyurethane equipment & material, mudjacking equipment, and provides concrete raising training seminars. 2020 is your year! Sign up for 2-day concrete raising in sunny Las Vegas! ☀️☀️☀️ You don’t need to know anything about concrete raising, we will train you on …

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Aug 16, 2014 · RaiseRite celebrating 40th anniversary ... HMI continues to manufacture mudjacking pumps and systems, polyurethane foam lifting systems, and polyurethane foam. ... HMI’s equipment has lifted and ...

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United Equipment Sales provides a full line of mud pumps, grout pumps, mudjacking and slabjacking equipment and many kinds of pumps for concrete leveling. We carry a full line of plaster pumps, concrete pumps, grout pumps, hydraulic pumps and more from the top manufacturers, including Schwing USA, Airplaco, Mayco, Olin, SANY, Transcrete

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Concrete Raising Equipment & Training. At HMI, we know concrete. Heck, we’ve been in the business of concrete raising for over 40 years! We offer concrete raising business training seminars, industry-leading polyurethane concrete raising equipment, mudjacking equipment, ongoing support for business, equipment, and marketing for our seminar ...

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We had a great time seeing everyone at #worldofconcrete2019 - Thank you for scheduling us into your busy 4 days at the show this year! We look forward to starting new business relationships and growing #teamhmi . And if you couldn’t make it to the show this year... we are bringing HMI to you! Step into our booth!

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The polyurethane foam is a revolutionary new foam produced and patented by HMI, a world leading manufacturer of concrete lifting equipment, training and material. HMI does not use blowing agents or toxic materials such as formaldehyde, benzene or toluene in its product. The foam is made from recycled raw materials that were previously high ...

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Mudjacking has been used for decades to lift concrete that has settled, but the advent of polyurethane foam injection has made the process much quicker and less invasive than the mudjacking process. Traditional Mudjacking Mudjacking requires drilling a series of 1” holes into a concrete slab and pumping a sand and Portland cement mixture into these holes to fill the caverns beneath and lift ...

The Benefits of Poly-jacking vs. Mudjacking

Polyjacking, poly-jacking, foam-jacking, poly-lifting, poly-leveling are all terms that are used to describe the newer material that is being used to achieve the same results as traditional mudjacking, but it is a polyurethane foam. This process has also been around for a couple of decades but has within the last 10 years become a known and ...

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Foamjection was developed by HMI, a manufacturer of concrete lifting equipment and materials. Supported by a network of contractors, quotes are distributed to a local Foamjection contractor based on availability.

HMI - Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Training

HMI is the industry leader in concrete raising training, equipment and foam ... lifting which makes us proud to be a part of #TEAMHMI #concretelifting #geotechnical #concreteraising #slabjacking #mudjacking #deepinjection #foamjection #deepfoamjection #hmicompany ... Pages Other Brand Product/Service HMI Videos Polyurethane ...

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» Training Classes » On Site Training » Co-op Marketing Support. Use your existing 1:1 ratio equipment to maximize your business revenue! Did you know that SPI’s foam and polyurea formulations can be run through your concrete slab lifting equipment with no flushing required between products?

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United Equipment Sales provides a full line of mud pumps, grout pumps, mudjacking and slabjacking equipment and many kinds of pumps for concrete leveling. We carry a full line of plaster pumps, concrete pumps, grout pumps ...

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When the code changes you don’t want to have that should of, would of, and could have purchased concrete raising equipment feeling. Section 179 was designed to help businesses, that’s why almost all “business equipment” purchased and in service until Dec 31, 2013 qualify for the deduction.

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Seminar Fee is creditable in full with the purchase of a HMI Poly Pro Polyurethane System or HMI Mudjacking System *Please Note: Attendees must be 18 years of age or older to attend the HMI training seminar.

Polyurethane Foam Injection vs Mudjacking

Polyurethane and mudjacking material will both raise concrete yet are VERY different! Traditionally, the mudjacking process has been used to lift concrete. But at Acme Concrete Raising & Repair our Smart Lift System uses the far superior polyurethane foam method for quicker, more efficient concrete raising. We have learned through years of ...